About My Background

Environmental Science Major ➡️ Communications and Fundraising ➡️ Designer

My Background

I am a Product Designer based in Long Beach, California. Currently, I am freelancing and working for small organizations to early-stage start ups. Previously I was an ESL teacher in Peru. Before that, I was doing fundraising and communications for environmental nonprofits in Washington, DC. I have a lot of domain knowledge around solar energy, climate change education, marketing, design software, travel, and nonprofit management.

Why UX Design?

I  love everything from understanding the problem, iterating on a solution, testing the solution, navigating technical constraints, and bringing the right people together.

I transitioned into UX Design in 2019. I first learned about UX and Product Design while traveling. I was curious about the thought that went into designing airports, atm machines, and rideshare pick-up at airports for various language speakers. For someone who has loved designing magazine layouts as a kid and setting the ambiance for friend dinners, UX Design has been the right career for me.

It has also made me think about the ethics and impact of design -- example: university financial forms that students fill out that determine their tuition payment or income reports for non-native English speaking parents that determine if their kid will receive free lunches.

Why collaborate with me?

🙃 I am good at taking feedback and addressing my skill gap. Currently, I am leaning into the discomfort of learning how to code.  

🔧  Although I'm a creative type B, I value efficiency. This quarter, I'm focusing on tackling my bookmark manager and passwords.

📷  I like facing my fears. My favorite part of my previous job was climbing 2-3 story houses to photograph volunteers.

🐈 As a former barista, I understand the value of good user experience.. Fun fact: I volunteered at the first cat cafe in Peru.

🧐  I am a proactive team member. At my previous job, I initiated a guest bartending event with a local brewery and a stand-up comedy benefit show with a local book club to fundraise for our non-profit. I love contributing, finding new projects, and helping how to help the team move forward.

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