ūüĆĪ How I'm growing as a designer

Fun Fact: I have a green thumb.

Daily UI Challenge / Hackathons / Shower Ideas

Here are some design explorations I explored using Figma, Sketch, and Adobe XD to challenge myself to improve design workflow through keyboard shortcuts and complete a concept project in a few hours. Also, they're just for fun. These are completed based on assumptions and best practices. See more on my Dribble page

Exploring a checkout screen for the tablet

Exploring a website art idea to post confessions on a gallery

Exploring a gift splitting app idea

Exploring text hierarchy and best practices for a receipt

Animation / Adobe XD

Animated prototypes allow users during the usability test interact with the feature authentically and allows the developer to better understand the interaction behaviors.

Concept project that makes shopping for plants exciting by allowing user to scroll


I've been learning code on the side to become a better designer. For instance, I learned that developers are focused on negative space while designers focus on the elements and visual design. I also see how developers approach responsive design and how they manage visual properties (designer's UI Kit) as classes or group labels.

CSS Model practice, Parallax Effect

Responsive design, media queries for how text and margin sizes changes between different screen sizes

Books / Courses / Podcasts

Here are the books I've been currently fixated on. I believe in abundance and sharing my resources. Here are some of my UX bookmarks for new UX designers.

Learned the tip of making a habit of annotating progress to better articulate the design edits

Favorite chapter about how the best products have a characteristics of a friend: remembers users' behaviors, offers suggestions, considerate, welcoming tone, etcs

My weakness is understanding the intersection between business and balancing it with user goals. This podcast has been great for this insight.

Common Persuasion and Validation Patterns with case studies that I've used for my projects, e.g. testing on a third-party platform for test validation and recognition over recall to help users accomplish tasks